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From cave-ins to filter problems to broken ups, the experts at H2O Well Drilling have seen it all down in the well over the years. We have the experience and knowledge to fix any problem that homeowners encounter.

A wide variety of problems can happen down in the hole, which can disrupt the proper operation of the water system. Using H2O Well Drilling’s underwater video camera, we can accurately identify the cause and depth of any problems in the hole.
When a water pump is being brought up from the well, there can be a number of problems that pop up, especially for well owners trying to do it themselves. Consider these problems:

Depth of the well: Whatever the problem is, don’t try to remove a water pump from the well, especially when you don’t know the depth of the well. Call H2O Well Drilling to get the job done. Some pumps can be pulled out by hand, but pumps can be dropped down the well in attempts to bring them up.

Not having the right equipment: Some pumps also need to be pulled with pump pullers if they are installed on coil pipe or need to be removed with a hoist truck when they are installed on straight

Pumps can be heavy: Pumps can be very dangerous and heavy with the addition of the pipe, water in the pipe and wire. Also, all of the iron and Manganese that could have deposited on the outside of the pipe can make it very slippery and tough to handle.


Problems such as cave-ins and scale or slime buildup can take a well out of service. In these cases, the well needs to be cleaned to remove obstructions. The professionals at H2O Well Drilling use a rig to blow out the debris while testing the flow rate to make sure that the well is producing enough water.

When you’re out of water, have low water pressure, dirty water, water is surging or there are spits of air coming from the faucet, it might be an indication that you are having trouble with either the water well pump or the water tank. There are other problems we have come across like:

Blown pump breaker: This is the first thing we check.

Filter problem: If the breaker is running right, then we check the pressure gauge on the well tank to see if that is reading any pressure. If the pressure gauge reads over 40 PSI, a filter could possibly be blocked or needs to be changed or the pressure gauge is broken. Many times the gauges are broken or are stuck.

Broken wire: Another possibility is a broken wire going to the pump.

Broken pump: The pump is malfunctioning and needs to be replaced.